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Schedule for the Conference

Power Breakfast

Dr. Cyrus Hsia
Pearls in Hematology for Family Physicians


  1. Determine when derangements in hemoglobin, white cell count, and platelets are concerning and how to initiate appropriate diagnostic and management strategies

  2. Describe an approach to splenomegaly

  3. Describe approaches in recognizing and dealing with potential hematologic urgencies/emergencies

7 am - 8 am
Dr. Jeffrey D. Campbell

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss new strategies and technologies for managing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 

  2. Discuss management of sexual dysfunction in men

  3. Comprehend the management of hypogonadism

  4. Examine strategies for managing chronic pelvic or scrotal content pain in men

8:30 am -9 am
The Nuts and Bolts of Men’s Health
Dr. Daniel Leger
The Family Medicine Game Show 2023: "The things I wished I knew, but I didn’t, now I do, woohoo!"
9 am - 9:45 am

Learning Objectives:​

  • 1) Review  differentials that can present as common family medicine symptoms.

  • 2) Identify common mistakes, misdiagnoses and mishaps seen in family practice.

  • 3) Evaluate “gamification” as an educational learning tool.

Keynote Speaker

Prenatal Genetic Testing
9:45 am - 10:15 am


  1. Identify the publicly funded prenatal genetic screening options in Ontario

  2. Identify the private pay prenatal genetic screening options in Ontario

  3. Recognize the situations in prenatal genetic screening that warrant referral to Medical Genetics

Dr.Andrew Hemphill
10:45-11:45  am
Wellness Wealth: managing the occupational hazard of burnout.

Keynote Learning objectives:

  1. Define the occupational hazard that is burnout among physicians and allied health.

  2. State the national and global impact of burnout.

  3. Describe principles to manage and mitigate overwhelm.

  4. Demonstrate aspects of wellness wealth.

  5. Identify practical actions and  and resources to use.

Dr. Nour Khatib
Are you a Good or Great Teacher
11:45-12:15 am

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe great teaching tips that can make a great teacher.

Dr. Wickett and Dr. Wong

Small Group Afternoon are concurrent sessions: 1:45 pm then 3:15 pm

Learning Objectives:

  • State the functional anatomy of the tympanic membrane

  • Identify common pathologies of the middle ear through otoscopy

  • Recognize the differences between pediatric and adult otoscopy

Hands-on Tips and Tricks in Otoscopy
Small Group Afternoon
Dr. Murad Husein
Dr. Maryna Mammoliti
Navigating Challenging Patient Interactions

Learning Objectives

  • Describe challenging patient interactions

  • Identify common clinical reasons for Challenging Patient interactions

  • Review strategies to manage challenging patient interactions

Small Group Afternoon
Small Group Afternoon

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify the complexities of working in a low-resource setting.

  2. Identify the complexities of triaging  numerous flights from remote communities.

  3. Examine telemedicine cases leading ACLS/ATLS/PALS codes.

  4. Discuss interesting infectious disease cases of the North.

Cases from the Great White North
Dr. Nour Khatib
The 300 Most Commonly Prescribed Medications for Ontarios Seniors:
Small Group Afternoon
An evidence -based review
Dr. Chris Brymer

    Learning Objectives:

  • 1. Describe the 300 most commonly prescribed medications through ODB for Ontarians 65 and over, and their age-appropriate doses.

  • 2. Review the evidence for, and against, the use of particular medications in clinical practice.

  • 3. Identify prescribing trends that are associated with better, or worse, outcomes.

Small Group Afternoon
Dr.Jessica Howard
How to Help Your Itchy Patients


1. Develop an approach to a patient with localized and generalized pruritus.

2. Identify when to initiate treatment for patients to alleviate suffering.

3.  Recognize patients that may benefit from referral to a specialist in dermatology.

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