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Schedule for the Conference

Power Breakfast

Dr. Tommy Chan
Mastering Migraine: A comprehensive Guide for the General Practitioner

1. Diagnosis Precision and Differential Diagnosis: Emphasize the importance of differential diagnosis to distinguish migraine from other types of heaches (such as tension-type headaches, cluster headaches, or secondary headaches due to underlying medical conditions).

2. Tailored Treatment Plans and Management Strategies: Discuss various treatment approaches, including acute and preventive medications, lifestyle modifications, and complementary therapies.

3. Patient Education: Explain the significance of patient education in managing migraine and early intervention strategies. Encourage general practitioners to engage patients in shared decision-making.

7 am - 8 am
Dr. Sonja Reichert

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the different levels of prevention, and how to apply them in the management of type 2 diabetes  

  2. Review the recent Diabetes Canada Guideline chapter on diabetes remission 

  3. Apply strategies to safely support individuals in remission through medication deprescription 

8:30 am -9 am
The Ebb and Flow of Type 2 Diabetes: Is Remission Possible?
Dr. John McNaught
Infertility Basics for Primary Care
9 am - 9:30 am

Learning Objectives

1. Describe the role of the primary care practitioner in infertility care.

2. Identify what infertility is based on the guidelines and when to refer.

3. Identify how to work up infertility before a referral is made to a fertility clinic.

4. Understand the costs associated with fertility treatment in Ontario.


Keynote Speaker

First Nations or last?
Healthcare Sovereignty and Allyship in Deshkan Ziibiing: Sharing from a
physician who walks in two worlds.
9:30 -10:00 am


​1. Locate and describe local First Nations communities.
2. Explain how colonization behaves and influences health of First Nations people through
3. Reflect on your own ability to be an Ally and Identify 1 action you might take to improve

Dr.Samantha Boshart
10:00-10:20  am
Are you a Good or Great Teacher

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe great teaching tips that can make a great teacher.

Dr. Wickett and Dr. Wong
Unleashing the Power of AI in Community Practice: the good, the bad, the ugly
11:00 am-12:30 pm

Learning Objectives:

​1. Build literacy and a foundation of understanding around key concepts, definitions, and terms as they relate to artifical intellignece in healthcare.

2. Review emerging AI powered technolgies and their near-term potential to disrupt community practice at scale.

3. Examine an array of critical considerations a community practitioner must have when adopting AI based technolgies into practice.

Dr. Devin Singh

Small Group Afternoon are concurrent sessions: 1:45 pm then 3:15 pm
with the exception of Dermoscopy which runs the full afternoon.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the benefits of and skills required to effectively use dermoscopy as a clinical tool in Family practice.

​2. Demonstrate the use of dermoscopy in screening pigmented malignant vs. non-malignant lesions using the 3-Point Checklist.

3. Employ pattern recognition of the common pigmented skin lesions and begin to differentiate and diagnose them.

Dermoscopy in Family Medicine - 101
Small Group Afternoon
The Dermatology Team
Dr. George Dresser
The New 2024 Ontario Health Hypertension Quality Standards – what does this mean for Primary Care?

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the Ontario Health Quality Standards development process

  2. Identify new and important older information relevant to hypertension care

  3. Discuss practice change necessary to lead hypertension primary care

Small Group Afternoon
Small Group Afternoon

Learning objectives:​

  1. Describe the landscape and applicable evidence for using mobile apps to assist with lifestyle modification

  2. Describe commonly used apps for lifestyle modification and their key features

  3. Describe how to deploy mobile apps for patient care through case studies

Prescribing Apps for Lifestyle Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Alfonsi
Injections for Chronic Pain Management - A proactial workshop
Small Group Afternoon
Dr. Eldon Loh

    Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the role of injections in the management of chronic pain 

  2. List the types of injections that family physicians can provide in their practices for patients with chronic pain

  3. Describe the techniques, preparations and equipment required for injections that family physicians can provide in their practices for patients with chronic pain

Small Group Afternoon
Dr. Yiannis Iordanous
Ophthalmology in Primary Care


1. To discuss common eye concerns in primary care.

2. Review red flags for common eye conditions.

3. Review indications for when to refer and who to refer to (ophthalmology vs optometry).

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